Buying redstone stuff/supplies

  1. 9 months ago

    is there someone on this serverr who has a redstone shop

    And can i buy redstone materials from them

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    you should rename your post to 'Buying redstone stuff/supplies'
    you make it look like you are selling redstone

  3. Ok thanks

  4. I would like to buy pistons and observers

  5. the majority of supplies are easy to get. Except for maybe slime which i can sell you at a rate of 8 balls for 1 diamond. I suppose i could make all he stuff you need. I personally keep a redstone road box just for my builds with a stack of all things. observers, droppers, dispensers, hoppers, chests , trap chests, redstone torches, furnaces, slime blocks, repeaters, comparitors, redstone blocks and dust. I just assumed the majority of builders did the same. I can look around on the forum and find the going rate I guess if you want me to.

  6. i found this in a othergreengamer thread. he sells all these supplies

    superbrix Mar 16 Edited 5 months ago by superbrix
    I wanna buy 2 stacks of observers and 2 stack of pistons and a stack of redstone repeaters..
    Gonna try and catch u online.
    EDIT :
    So 18 diamonds for the pistons and 12 diamonds for the observers idk what your prices are for repeaters.
    so 63 + 63 pistons and 72 + 72 observers = 30 diamonds total for that and then as said idk repeaters

  7. best guess he charges :
    9 diamonds per stack of pistons, I do not know if that is standard or sticky
    observers appear to be 6 diamonds per stack
    as far as repeaters and comparitors i could not find prices
    i will keep looking to get prices for all items, maybe i start a price thread

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    ok after doing some research and talking with greengamer these are the prices i found for your related item. othergreengamer or I can supply with these item. hope this helps.
    observer blocks---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 diamonds per stack
    pistons ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 diamonds per stack
    sticky pistons --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16 diamonds per stack
    redstone repeaters ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 diamond per stack
    redstone comparitors --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 diamond per stack
    redstone torches -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 diamond per 2 stacks
    droppers -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 diamond per 2 stacks
    dispensers------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 diamond per 2 stacks
    hoppers ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 diamond blocks per stack

  9. Sticky pistons are worth more than what you said there Humfry.

    Still, pistons and slime are involved. So if 8 slimeballs is a diamond, which a stack of it is worth 8 diamonds a stack, then you'll have pistons involved which is 7 diamonds a stack...wait nevermind, when you actually divide those two, then 9 diamonds is actually a right price. xD

    Still they're worth more than that.

  10. yea, slime balls/blocks are expensive af, plus the making of pistons wich are also expensive, I would say at least but at the very leas, 16diamonds per stack of sticky pistons

  11. Ok prices adjusted. to those effected see above

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