1. 9 months ago

    Can you help explain slime chunks to me in simple peasant English? I read the wiki and im not good with numbers. thanks!

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    16x areas where slimes can spawn.

  3. the x is...?

  4. 16x16 areas where slimes can spawn under the level 40.

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    @Anialis 16x16 areas where slimes can spawn under the level 40.

    1 of 10 chunks is a slime chunk

  6. As they said, the world is divided into 16 x 16 block squares beginning at x=0, z=0 and extending to the end of the world. As players approach chunks they become loaded, as they get further away those chunks unload. There is an algorithm that decides when the game is created that determines some of the chunks (about 1 in 10) will be a slime chunk. Those are the only chunks that can spawn slimes between y=0-y=40.
    You can actually see the outline of chunks on the screen by pressing F3-G. Pressing F3-G again will change the view back.

  7. thank you

  8. have you found slims chunks ? i know slime is a very valuable commodity!

  9. No, i wasnt looking for it i was just wondering because i didn't understand how it works. but i will look for these chunks

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