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    Welcome to the beginning of NNAT's first server-wide event. This will be a story-driven scavenger hunt, complete with builds around the world, journal entries, clues, riddles, and prizes.

    Here's how this event will work. Every so often, a journal entry will be posted with a clue as to where the next location is. Whoever solves this clue/riddle and sends a screenshot to me (the screenshot must be you in f5 mode at the location with coordinates showing) will receive a prize, and the next entry and clue will be released as soon as possible. If no one finds the location within a set amount of time (about a week), the next entry will be released and no one will receive the prize for that location.

    If you have questions or comments, please let NN staff know. Keep in mind that the following entry is simply the introduction to the event; it does not contain a clue. We will start releasing clues soon, so check back often as to not miss anything.


    DAY 3

    I've spent years searching. It pulls me in like an obsession. If I said it’s just some mere curiosity, I’d be lying to myself. I’m onto something powerful. Something only whispers of legends speak of. What had first begun as a simple exploration of the world’s history, is now a deep quest into the ruins of a lost tribe. The legends have to be true. They speak of an ancient and immense power. Something that had the ability to vanquish their enemies in a blink of an eye…

    Legends tell me this power had been summoned by a long lost tribe. But the location of this is far lost, riddled in history. This power was so much that it could harm the natural order of the realm. Strange formations are all that is left to tell the story of it’s destructive path to its enemies. Great mountains few dare to climb, floating islands that still are yet to be explained, and creatures that infect the night. If I could find this power we could contain it with modern techniques, and learn so much from it! We could finally answer these questions. Not to mention cleansing the world of its evil.

    That’s why I have put it upon myself to discover it. And I believe I know the whereabouts of its location. Another legend speaks of fear. The power grew so immense that if placed in the wrong hands the world could end. With realization of the danger these ancient people had placed themselves in they sealed it deep within the earth. Meant to never be found again.
    Until now.

    I know the secrets, I know the rituals, I know the location. All that’s left is to see it for myself.

  2. Woo! It was fun writing that entry. Super stoked!!

  3. Too long really

  4. Dog need simple stuff, like " go Find Big Pink Bird" lol

  5. No worries! This event was inspired from the flamingo event. So along with a fun trail linked with the story there will be mini things to find that are scattered everywhere just like the normal flamingos. We just wanted to add our own spin on such a great idea.

  6. 5 days ago

    NN can ensure you that this event, Will be a blast!

  7. If you are trying to describe the End, then you got it all wrong.

    The Nether would be a better fit to your description, but it doesn't have floating islands.

  8. @_Haxington_ If you are trying to describe the End, then you got it all wrong.

    The Nether would be a better fit to your description, but it doesn't have floating islands.

    That entry was describing the location of "a long lost tribe" that apparently summoned some sort of power. Not necessarily describing any dimension in particular.

  9. Edited 5 days ago by _Haxington_

    Well the only powers that can be summoned are the Wither and the Ender Dragon.

    Either that, or you are describing Evokers who can summon Vexes, but those are not that powerful.

  10. @_Haxington_ Well the only powers that can be summoned are the Wither and the Ender Dragon.

    Again, not necessarily, as this is a fictional journal about a factional tribe. Right now everything is mystery; very soon the first Clue entry will be released!

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    DAY 4

    Today is a light in the void of history. I have found the location after several years of research, dedication, and learning of tribal practices. Far be it from me to reveal the exact location of this unholy sanctuary before I cleanse it, but for the sake of the historian who may stumble across my journal later in history, I will describe the place where I currently reside. My campfire is warm and my stomach is full - the perfect time to write, I think.

    The surrounding environment is both tall and cold, the ecosystem of an Ice Mountain, however, the path down to the vile room is hardly higher than sea level. Speaking of the sea, I can see it (and a few polar bears running about). A pleasant sight, really. I’ll take a picture.


    Now, there is a shaft leading downwards into the area. It lies upon a small hill near the ocean shore. Odd trails of Soul Sand jut out from the hole, as if something broke loose here. That would explain the pit and the brokenness of the interior. My torches should hopefully keep any hostiles far away from my camp. The hole goes deep. It’s sides are not smooth. My research has led me to believe that there was at some point recently a beast locked away within this chamber. I expected to find it here, but it appears its bonds have been broken. An evil has come forth from this place.



    I do not suggest following my path, but so that this book may go into historical records and into the hands of the great writers of history, I will provide…

    The following section appears to be half-erased, as if someone tried to destroy the wording in a speedy manner without destroying the document itself.

    tXe coorXinXXes to thX locXtXon. Xhe X-cooXXXnaXe iX -42XXX, aXX tXX Y-XXXrdXnXte Xs -1X860. Just oXer nXXatXve 50 thXXsaXd on Xne, and vXXy cXose to a nXce even negXXXvX XozXn on XXX othXX, isn’X XXat soXXXhinX?

    The rest of the document appears to be untouched.

    May this place never be discovered again. I shall follow the beast that escaped from its prison here to continue in my research of it. Crafty be with us all if this monster is left to roam.

    Nerdie's Note: Send a picture of yourself in f5 mode with coords showing to win a prize and unlock the next journal entry!

  12. The search is on!!

  13. Interpreted:
    the coordinates to the location. The X-coordinate is -42XXX, and the Y-coordinate is -1(0-9)860. Just over negative 50 thousand on one, and very close to a nice even negative dozen(?) on the other, isn’t that something?

  14. 15 hours ago

    Oooo, a translation... The clock is ticking!

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