1. 9 months ago

    OK, i have a quick question about the server reset.
    I was wondering if the server reset is going to come after the upcoming aquatic update?
    I believe this would be a good time to reset the server map, and give everybody a fresh start.

  2. @R4iscool1 There is no plans for a reset, if and when we decide to reset, we will tell you.
    We keep just as up to date on the new developments as you guys do.

  3. If a reset is decided upon, you'll know, either by forums, Discord, or in-game. If you hear about a reset from a non-staff player, it's 99.99% gonna be a false rumor.

  4. Once again to reiterate, the current changes do not require an update.
    If we change that view in the future then we will inform you all then.

    Anyone who says anything about a reset is talking solely from their own opinion of what should happen.

  5. k ty fam

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