To crafty and staff about VPN

  1. 9 months ago

    I have decided to start using a VPN service called Cyberghost. I hope to use it all the time to protect myself and computers. However I am concerned how it will affect me and craftymynes. I plan on using full time so my Ip addreess will change often and want to know how this will affect me and my gameplay on this server. I would rather not turn it off each time I plan on here because I do a lot of multi tasking while playing which I want to use the VPN for. Ihopee to start using it this weekend and crafty has my personal email.

  2. It shouldn't affect anything. There will be a minor lag for you but thats it.

  3. You should be alright, we don't ban or punish anyone for using a vpn.

  4. 8 months ago

    The VPNs on Cyberghost don't work half the time on Minecraft, @humfrydog

  5. If you use a VPN, you run the risk of using the same IP as someone who is ip banned, because other people may also be using the same VPN provider.

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