Fishing Tourney

  1. 9 months ago

    In the near future, I will be hosting a tournament at spawn to see who can fish up the most valuable items. Rules are simple: bring only a fishing rod of your choice, nothing else. You cannot leave spawn during the competition, as well as accept items from other players to alter your scoring in any shape or form, breaching of these rules will result in disqualification. Players that partake in this event will be judged upon the quality of the items you fished out of the ocean, with varying point values for different items, that yet have been determined. This will factor in fishing loot tables, and the face value of said item(s) on the server. There will be prizes for the top players. More information coming in the near future.

  2. sounds fun

  3. Ooo this is a fun idea!

  4. What if they bring items to alter their score?

  5. anyone got a god fishing pole?
    i guess i need one for this competition

  6. Edited 9 months ago by AttackTeam

    @Cileklim I've devised a method to ensure a player cannot bring any items in to the competition, by having the player pick up unstackable items at the trading post. If they can pick up every last item, then they will have been cleared for the , otherwise, they will have to clear their inventory so they can do so. Each player will then be escorted to the location the competition will occur at spawn. Hard to fool a mechanic the game has to begin with

  7. Edited 9 months ago by humfrydog

    will you be supplying fishing poles? i want to play perhaps we all start with a plain fishing pole and fish til it breaks

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