New base what you think?

  1. 2 years ago


    here is my future base

  2. I am too cautious to build above ground but that looks epic! Best of luck!

  3. Something that big above ground in such a flat area is just asking to be found and raided

  4. Edited 2 years ago by GrandpaCarl00

    I mean for many months + going on breaks, i kept my chests out in the open simply because i explore more than i build; you can be pretty secure with large-above ground buildings if you:

    1. don't let your cords out
    2. don't let people tp to you
    3. don't build at obvious coords, ( instead build at weird locations like 59000, 1000 )
    4. destroy your netherportal on the roof

    following those steps you're almost 99.9% sure to not get raided, getting spotted by elytra flight is almost 0 to none since elytra is primarily use at either the border, end, or on the nether roof.

  5. Sometimes you forget that the map is actually quite massive, so as long as you follow the rules GrandpaCarl put up, you're more likely to be perfectly safe. With almost every base I know of, the only reason they were raided is because someone betrayed, accidentally tp'd someone in, or accidentally gave away coords. Rarely do 60k+ builds get found by randomly exploring.

  6. Cellexya will find you one day

  7. How wide is that?

  8. The towers at the entrance are pretty cool, good design!

  9. @Brentark The towers at the entrance are pretty cool, good design!

    Bren omg hi ;-;

  10. How'd you get up so high?

  11. @sovietsuperman How'd you get up so high?

    It's hard to tell but if you look towards the bottom of the screenshot you can see he just built up a 1x1 tower.

  12. I was hoping he had a fancy pre built tower to show off.i need tower designs

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