Have you seen my trident?

  1. 9 months ago
    Edited 9 months ago by Tezzer

    Any chance for compensation for a lost trident of the name POG which had loyalty 3, Impaling 5, Unbreaking 3, Mending which i threw in spawn and then never came back? Just wondered because I only had it for like 15mins and now im very sad. :P


    P.S. Don't throw tridents in spawn they may not return.
    sad times

  2. Tezzer!! You want to walk around spawns surrounding area. It only comes back if it hits a chunk that's loaded.

  3. Hi Alt. Hope you find it.

  4. Like Green said if the chunk isnt loaded it wont come back and is the only way it wont return with loyalty on,if you had loaded the chunk it would have come back however if you arent there when it is loaded it gets erased and since u say it happened at spawn it has likely already happened sorry.

  5. F

  6. Yeah its weird because the chunk was loaded It was only about 20 blocks from where I was, but oh well.

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