skidaddle skidoodle

  1. 8 months ago


    14 Sep 2018

    i spent the past 6 hours mining and got everything i need for starting a base (diamond tools, shulker box, dia armor, basic farming items, etc.)
    then i went to the nether, planning to mine a big tunnel to get out far in the overworld
    after maybe 20 seconds in the nether my tunnel went over a hole, i fell down said hole to my death and... RIP most of my stuff into lava along with like 30 levels.
    i think i'm quitting minecraft for a while now
    if you want some stuff go in the nether around 0 x 250

  2. :(

  3. oof

  4. tragedy 8(

  5. rip bro

  6. Don't give up!

  7. LLLL

  8. Big OOF

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