1. last week

    Reason for reporting the player: Found a sign they left with the n-word on it within random tp

    Sustainable Proof/Evidence: -image-

  2. Edited last week by Th3GreenGamer

    There is no way to prove that was TomTom900

  3. Edited last week by Grumplet

    Somebody suggested that maybe an admin or someone can check the logs and see who put it up?

  4. Sad

    And total bs on that being 'written by Tomtom900'

  5. Checking logs won't help since it was a placed down item, plugins are needed for that

  6. This can be easily doctored, there is nothing we can do to verify whether he did it or not. If you find any other proof, please send it to us. For now though please destroy the sign. Thank you - Jace

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