1. 6 months ago


  2. Hi Carl , of course we do. And welcome back!

  3. Thanks :D
    Few questions:
    Is there a way to auto run?
    What's the min space to sethome?
    Is there an option to disable sound when i alt tab out?

  4. Well, hmm, get on the nether roof and put a weight on the w key :D
    Don't think there is a minimum space to sethome now
    And no idea on the sound

  5. Edited 6 months ago by Carl_Sagan1

    i forgot about the nether :D
    btw congrats! i left you blue :P ;)

  6. Wu Tang Clan @Carl_Sagan1

  7. @iwarriiori Wu Tang Clan @Carl_Sagan1


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