Ban appeal DeJean for false hacks

  1. 6 months ago
    Edited 6 months ago by DeJean

    I got banned for X-ray, but i dont have X-ray. I said:"I have X-ray" in chat as a joke.
    I'm very sorry for wasting your time, and I hope i could be unbanned for my stupid mistake.
    It would be such ashame formy progress and friendships to be gone because of my stupid mistake, i've put so much time and effort into this server and really love it, i play it with friends and do all sorts of projects but if that all goes up in flames for the reason that i said as a joke i had hacks, hopefully you could forgive me for that.
    greetings DeJean, an active craftymynes player who doesnt use hacks.
    PS: Sorry again!

  2. DeJean,
    I am the Mod that banned you. I realize that it was meant to be a joke, however you must realize and should as you are not new to this server that we take all mentions of hacking of any kind very seriously, joking or not. Also, recently we have had issues with you, specifically caps, spam, disobeying and disrespecting members of staff and have had multiple recent warnings.
    As this is your first ban, and I understand it was meant as a joke you will be pardoned in 3 days time from this posting. I hope that you take this time to reflect and understand that we in Staff have a lot of responsibilities, and having to babysit players that should know better is even more time-consuming preventing us from also having fun.

    Hope to see you again in 3 days.

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