Loom block features - totally unnecessary?

  1. last year

    Looking for Enchanted golden apple or "Thing Pattern" for the loom block. I'd also like to have your opinions on this new feature : totally unnecessary or a good addition that totally doesn't make banner crafting more complex?

  2. it, imo, makes a lot more sense, and making banners a lot less expensive because of the pattern that isnt consumed

  3. IMO I think it's a good addition, or rather moving of recipes. While I'm usually very strong on crafting stuff as it's literally half the game's name, banner crafting was very out of place. Clunky, very unintuitive and just seemed extremely inefficient. If you didn't purposefully memorize them or craft them often the patterns were very hard to remember since some didn't resemble the actual pattern at all. This is unlike regular crafting, most people can intuitively make a pickaxe or sword in a crafting table because it's in the shape you'd expect (like an actual pickaxe or sword). Other recipes are more of an exploring process when you're new, say a piston or repeater (once you make it once, you remember it pretty well). Banners however were very odd. You have 38 different patterns, all similar and involving the same materials. This makes remembering any of them difficult because of the sheer number. I mean seriously THIRTY EIGHT. That's a serious amount of bannerage.

    TLDR: Yea, it's good.

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