TigerofRussia's Ban Appeal

  1. 6 months ago

    In Game Name: TigerofRussia

    Reason for your ban: I made a joke when someone said "Mom i want food" and I said their mom wasn't on "The Craft" because she was getting "The Shaft". Before that I was also messing around in chat similarly.

    Why should you be unbanned:
    Really all the stuff I said was rather harmless. Didn't really cause any anguish. Also I heard there's a new movie coming out with Samuel Jackson called "Shaft" , anyone thinking about seeing it? Cheers.

  2. Hi, I'm the mod that banned you.

    Whether you believe what you said was harmful or not, it was in violation of our rules. From the reactions of many other people in chat, it seems you had been doing this for a while before I joined the game. You were warned several times and even made comments that you knew what you were saying was going to result in a kick or ban. You knew what you were doing, and you chose to keep doing it. In light of this, you'll be unbanned in 24 hours of this reply. Please take some of that time to read our rules before rejoining the server. Rules


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