DavidGolait's Ban Appeal

  1. 6 months ago

    IG name: DavidGolait
    Reason for Ban: Chat violation, I said twat once.
    Reason I should be unbanned: Yep, I only said it once, nothing else that broke the rules. I had no way of knowing that twat was off limits until PapaNeon oh so graciously said, "Guess what?" and than banned me. Funny gamer moment.

  2. Hi there.

    Yes, I said Guess What, to which you replied " I'm Banned? " sounds like you did in fact know what you said was a no-no.

    I've seen many instances of you breaking chat rules over the last week or so, including a couple kicks and verbal warnings that I gave myself, all of which have ended with some snide remark mocking the warning, which tells me you just aren't taking it seriously.

    Example being last time I had to tell you to stop, you kept poking at the fact that I said "You've been here long enough to know that's not allowed".

    You've been banned before, and have been here for quite some time, so I'll set this ban for 3 days.

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