Trading for Shulker Boxes

  1. 4 months ago
    Edited 4 months ago by Roylne1

    Hey all, I'm in need of a decent amount of shulker boxes for a megabuild. Here are the trades I'm offering based on what I've learned about the current state of the economy:

    Totems of Undying - 5 totems for 1 box (current stock 40, or 8 trades worth)

    Mending Books - 3 books for 2 boxes (current stock 6, or 2 trades worth)

    Unbreaking III Books -3 books for 2 boxes (current stock 15, or 5 trades worth)

    Looting III Books - 3 books for 2 boxes (current stock 3, or 1 trade worth)

    I'm willing to haggle based on counter-offers made, and I'll keep an update as to my current stock until I no longer wish to trade. Message me in game to work out deals, and thanks in advance!

  2. Edited 4 months ago by Aeristacho

    Not to burst your bubble but totems aren't worth anything due to raids being so farmable :/
    On a more positive note I'll trade shulkers for 5 iron/gold blocks each. (Min of 4 a trade)

  3. Edited 4 months ago by Roylne1

    Not everyone has a raid farm though ;)

    I based that off of hearing that others were going to ask for a db apiece, figured 1 for 1 was a decent tradeoff, if it doesn't fly I'll alter the trade price.

    As to your offer, i'd take it up if i could, but I've only mined up enough gold and iron combined to form my beacon so far, I haven't gotten around to making farms for either one :/

  4. Aight guess it's time to sell all my overflowing totems

  5. aeristacho ill buy some lol

  6. Based on new info which backs up what Aeris said about totems, price has been adjusted accordingly.

  7. Bump for updated stock.

  8. Sitting on a mountain of shulkers, hmu

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