1. 4 months ago

    In Game Name: Pwnanite

    Age: 35 (3/15/1984)

    Time Zone: Central Daylight Time (GMT-5)

    Strengths: Broad understanding of the game & Managerial skills, easily adaptable to new situations or groups. Open minded.

    Weaknesses: Intolerant to abuse of the rules. And i'm an American?

    Why you are Applying: To help moderate the chat, keep it clean. I am on very frequently and I feel it would be easier for me to just be able to kick/ ban violators rather than just try n get help via discord when no one in staff is on. I've had this thought repeatedly over the last 2 months as I tend to be on when no mods/helpers/admins are. Figured it was time to pull the trigger.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 33026314

    Custom Note (optional): I play very frequently, since 1.14 i don't believe I've played less than 8-10 hours any given day.
    I don't care to raid players as I find that isn't what Minecraft is for, that's what I play Rust for so I'm no risk there for abuse & honestly
    I'm reaching the max of what I can really do in the server for my own purposes so helping out in this aspect would give me new purpose to keep on playing.

    Cheers! James August Smederovac.

  2. Thanks for the application

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