Enchanted Shulker Extravaganza!

  1. 4 months ago

    Try your hand at the amazing new mini-game Enchanted Shulker Extravaganza!!!
    Theres 4 Shulker boxes! each a differen't color! 1 has top teir, high level awesome enchant books! 2 have normal, run of the mill, typical books, and one is completely empty! For 10 diamonds, you can try your hand at winning either 27 great enchant books, 27 normal books, or walk away with nothing but the egregious need to gamble! For a limited time you can pay just 5 diamonds, but there is 6 shulkers 3 of which are empty! Message me if you'd like to try out this thrilling experience! -JSlone

  2. ill try it on monday xd plz save me one xd once i get unbanned

  3. haha you got it bud!

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