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    Hey all, so I'm not sure why the forum is showing my old name, but in game, I'm ImKopi. My log in info for both the game and logging on here is the same, so not sure why I'm still PenguinRogue on here after a few weeks. My question- I'm wanting to renew my VIP+ status, if I do, will it go to ImKopi or PenguinRogue? Staff answers only, please.

  2. I'm not staff, but I have the correct answer. The forums will update in a few days to your new name, so if you want to renew your VIP+, you need to do so under your current in game name.

  3. If your name on the forums doesn't update, just send Crafty a forum pm and he can change it for you when he's got a free minute.

  4. My name in game has been changed for several weeks now. How long does it take for name change to occur on forum? Also can an admin verify all this information?

  5. Are you using a different email from your mojang account for your forum account? That could be it. Best bet is to pm @CraftyMyner to have it corrected.

  6. can confirm, if it hasn't updated it's best to PM the big cheese about it.

  7. Papa- will the VIP upgrade go to ImKopi or to PenguinRogue? And MamaNeon, I appreaciate the answers, I really do- I just wanna have a staff member give answers too bc I got burned recently. Crafty was great and helped me through that, but don't wanna do that again lol.

  8. If your forum name dosen't match your in game name there's a solution if you don't want to pm Crafty. Just gift ImKopi the VIP+ and its guaranteed to go to your new name. You can find the gifting on the store right under the "Add to Cart" button when you select one of the options.

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    Your account isn't verified, if you dont verify it will not change

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    ... Too much to say. Short version is that your forum name will not change unless I change it or you have verified your account. Verified accounts will automatically change your name on the forum when you change it in game. I have changed your name but you should verify your account anyways. There should be a link on the home page to verify it. Now that your name is correct, your VIP+ upgrade should go to the correct account. As was also said you can always gift VIP so your can force the name it uses or click logout on the store page.

  11. I went to the "verify" link and it told me to log onto a server and enter the code, but when I log into the server, it's just a bedrock room with beacons. Where do I find the code?

  12. It says the code when it times out on the kick screen I believe or in chat, can't remember as I haven't had to verify recently.

  13. Sweet, thank you MamaNeon :)

  14. It should kick you with the code as the kick message.

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