Rainwave_'s ban appeal

  1. 8 weeks ago

    In Game Name:
    Reason for your ban:
    Chat filter: language
    Why should you be unbanned:
    I got randomly banned automatically from the server for saying "griefer ISIS" as a joke. The first time I was just kicked, but then I said it again ONLY TO SEE EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. I doubt that either of the messages actually got through the filter, and I only said it twice to see if automatic bans from a chat filter even existed here. I didn't even know people could get banned from this server for saying bad words in the first place. Before today, I only ever saw the chat filter give out little warnings. And I've only seen people get temporarily kicked when the moderators manually kick them, so why can people automatically get banned, presumably forever, by a chat filter? And why does the auto-banning chat filter even exist when people are allowed to say swear words and all sorts of other things far worse than "ISIS"? Please unban me, I won't joke about terrorism again if you don't want me to.

  2. There was no auto ban, there was warmings prior to your ban, including the kick that you "tested"

    Any jokes about terrorism, hacking, anything involving politics, anything inappropriately sexual is not allowed, as clearly marked in our rules.

    You don't get to "test" our system and expect it to award you for it, you hit 3 chat violations and it banned you accordingly.

    You will be pardoned in 24hrs from my post. Please take this time to read our rules and ponder about your testing abilities that no one asked you to do.

    Time: 2019-10-09 21:43:48
    Server: MynePanel-Vanilla
    Player: RainWave_
    Reason: Language
    Caps/Characters -----------> [2019-10-09 20:25:30] <RainWave_> Yeah man he HATES the turtles
    Caps/Characters -----------> [2019-10-09 20:44:27] <RainWave_> Bruh don't let Bramble and Mittens hear that they'll get SOOOO OFFENDED
    [b]Language (Warned) ---------> [2019-10-09 20:45:04] <RainWave_> Gay furry orgies[/b]
    Caps/Characters -----------> [2019-10-09 20:49:36] <RainWave_> Robot Tyui reminds me of this cybord named Han Tyumi from this concept album I listed to a few times
    Caps/Characters -----------> [2019-10-09 21:42:57] <RainWave_> Like when I blew up that Order of the Saplings or whatever it was called and I ran out of TNT
    [b]Language (Kicked) ---------> [2019-10-09 21:43:30] <RainWave_> Griefer ISIS ain't none to frick with
    Language (Banned) ---------> [2019-10-09 21:43:48] <RainWave_> Griefer ISIS for life[/b]

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