So many rocks...update

  1. 8 months ago

    So here's how far I've gotten with all the rocks donated to me. :) Just have to finish up the roof and then decorate inside. Once it's fully decorated, I'll post more pics, but wanted to show an update :) -image-

  2. looking good ! What are your plans for this build?

  3. DeJean

    23 Oct 2019 Suspended

    @bgmg looking good ! What are your plans for this build?

    Use some TNT to fix it :)

  4. Right now, working on building a village around it and then either using it as a secondary base/outpost where I can keep things people are welcome to use, or donate it to a new player.

  5. Looks like my home irl, aka a Prison. I'm severely concerned for your health and well being seeing that sword in slot 8.

  6. Huh? Just have the sword to protect against the phantoms that attack as I'm building at night :) Definitely not trying to make it look like a prison, just looked up "stone mansion design" on google.

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