The arena upgrade.

  1. 8 months ago

    So it's no secret that the arena is kind of an eyesore. While I'm sure that staff has a lot of important things to do(catching hackers, running discord, making the server great,etc.) it was when I saw this, -image- that I realized something needed to be done about this area.

    So the work began on remodeling the area into something pleasant to look at. Shout-out to Ronjob and Spy21DD for helping me out in getting started on the build. I should probably clarify that I'm NOT making fun of the staff here. I realize that there are other priorities, and "make an arena" may not be so high on the list. I simply wanted to find a way to improve on the arena in some way that I could.
    -image- It's not complete yet but I plan to keep working on it in my spare time. So during then, I'll keep you updated here on the progress of the improved arena.

  2. This arena is only temporary, there will be a hardcore arena SoonTM

  3. Hehe, oh I did the owo part. It was just to make Rain-something angry. Can't remember his name, but the guy with the huge rant about owo/uwu

  4. The new arena looks amazing

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