A Good Question!

  1. 2 months ago

    I'm bored, what should I build? I'm SO bored help pls, I beg u, don't leave me hangin ;-;

  2. a better future

  3. Make a redstone machine of some sort,a monument,town,palace or statue u got many options :P
    I say build a redstone house,ie automatic doors,lights,food dispensers,hidden rooms etc those are always fun

  4. Ronjob

    Jan 11 Suspended

    make a ban appeal

  5. Join Team Eye

  6. Build a huge statue of @outshOtz with a sunflower field in the backround. Try not to get lost in the eyes. Also might as well build me next to him.

  7. Im cool

  8. @DeJean Im cool

    No i am.

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