ImKopi's Ban Appeal

  1. 7 months ago

    To everyone appealing a ban:

    Please follow this format.

    Title of the thread: (your In Game Name here)'s Ban Appeal done

    In Game Name: ImKopi

    Reason for your ban: Not really sure. Just says the server is closed to me.

    Why should you be unbanned: If I did something, I truly don't know what it was. Can an admin just explain what I did? I mean, I'd admit if I did anything, but I literally just hit "join server"

  2. Edited 7 months ago by Nysic


    You aren't banned from the server, these kinda errors pop up when your connection to the server is unstable or the authentication servers for minecraft are down.

    If you were banned it would say you are banned from the server and list a reason why.

    Edit : if you have any further concerns pm me on discord and I can give you links to several fixes that could help.


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