1. 6 weeks ago
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    Bunch of loosers. Now my beautiful base is destroyed. What is a builder to do?

  2. If you need help with basic supplies to rebuild, I'm here to help!

  3. Tis the thrill of the build. I've always seen it as a vhance to stert om your next project

  4. You are the Loser whining about it on a Forum.

  5. I like to see myself as the hero. Gently reminding my builder friends to TRUST NOBODY!!

  6. 4 weeks ago

    I just dont get it, Who the F#%k is this guy NOBODY? I mean really who is he? Everyone says he is the only guy on the server you can trust and you should base with NOBODY. He must be the nicest most honest guy ever. You never hear i got ripped off by NOBODY, NOBODY killed me, NOBODY blew up my base,. Althought once I heard "It was NOBODY's fault" but they werent even mad about. This guy must be a saint...I think I waant to date NOBODY. He even has a song about him.

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    Good one Humfrydog. Btw, You and Liraxity are the only ones i trust on this Server

  8. 3 weeks ago

    @czr7 @mittins0w0


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