1. 10 months ago
    Edited 10 months ago by Louis_Vuitton

    Good Evening Everyone,

    I am currently looking to purchase these items

    1 God Shovel (Silk)
    1 God Pickaxe (Fortune)
    50 Stacks of Emerald Blocks (Yes I'm serious)
    50 Stacks of Gold Blocks

    Please post a reply if you can fulfill my purchase order for 1 or all of the items I am looking to purchase!!

    - Best Regards,

    Lord Louis

  2. I can get you the shovel and pickaxe.

  3. Ok when

  4. Edited 10 months ago by Louis_Vuitton

    I was already provided with the Shovel and Pickaxe. Now I am just in need of:

    50 Stacks of Emerald Blocks!!!!

    And A God set of Armour.

  5. Still in Great need Of 50 Stacks of EMERALD BLOCKS!!!!!

  6. 9 months ago

    I still Need the Emerald Blocks

  7. All 50? i have a few, but damn. what do you need that many for?

  8. 50 Stacks right? And I need them because I am making the largest toilet in Crafty Mynes at AssLand (My personal Gated community) A toilet fit for the gods.
    So it requires 50 stacks of Emerald Blocks

  9. 50*64=3200 Emerald Blocks Required

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