1. 2 weeks ago

    Good Evening Everyone,

    You may know me I'm Louis_Vuitton8. And I had a great idea for the now-defunct part of the spawn .Lottery. I believe that we could add a Casino into the .Lottery in addition to a Lottery system. But the Casino would be just like a Regular casino only instead of money you are betting diamonds and gold and iron. For example, you could have slot machines that take iron nuggets. These slots would be like the Penny machines at the Casino. Then you could have the Diamond taking these would be like the High Roller slots.

    Hope you guys make my dream a reality

    Best Regards,


  2. Edited 2 weeks ago by GibsonAxe

    A casino was implemented before and due to some players abusing systems or exploiting certain things it was taken out, we've tried a few things but have found that its not a very good idea as there tends to be a few rotten eggs that ruin it for the rest. We do have a lotto system that worked well but is yet to be implemented due to schedule constraints but we'll hopefully have it back up in the future.

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