blockstwoblocks's Discord Ban Appeal

  1. 2 months ago
    Edited 2 months ago by blockstwoblocks

    Discord Name: (It changes but normally it's Guy <o/, but right now it's Violet#5853)

    Reason for your ban: A really bad joke.

    Why should you be unbanned: I made a really bad joke in a DM with Knafeh. It involved Doxing and Slander. I know I shouldn't have done it and I'm not the brightest for doing so. I apologize for my actions. Doxxing is a very serious subject. Despite that I made a really dumb joke about it, and I'm regretting it now. I know it was dumb and I didn't realize how serious this was. I'm new to the community and thought it was fine to crack a joke in the DMs. Nevertheless, that's no excuse and ill take responsibility for that terrible joke. Again I'm sorry for making this stupid joke and it won't happen again. I also want to apologize to Knafeh and Blackened_Dawn for having to deal with me and my stupid joke. Thanks for considering my appeal.

  2. Hi - you'll pardoned from the discord in 7 days time starting now.

    Doxxing is not a light matter and making such jokes is not tolerated here.

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