1. 9 months ago
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    Hey all, so I am starting a few projects and going to be needing LOTS of different woods, and other supplies so I am currently buying:

    5 shulkers of oak logs/stripped/planks. Doesn't matter.
    5 shulkers of spruce logs/stripped/planks
    1 shulker of dark oak logs
    2 shulkers of birch logs
    2 shulkers of sand
    3 shulkers of gravel
    3 shulkers of dirt

    Shulker boxes will be given back after transaction, just message me in game for what you'd be looking for price wise :) I will update as I continue the project. Thanks everyone!

  2. what is it you would need first of? i'l be on it ^^

  3. Right now, Dirt, Gravel, Sand in that order is what I'm collecting/using first.

  4. if i may be so bold, what are you doing with all these resources?

  5. Practicing some larger builds, making a "donation" base. Somewhere to hold the stuff/farm the stuff I give to new players, really anyone who needs them, but new players in particular. Making some buildings that are cute to look at, but can be storage.

    Just made the Simpsons house that's going to hold the armor and weapons I make to donate.

  6. I can get you some dark oak, although I don't have shulker boxes rip

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