Boonk Gang Jr. Application

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  2. 5 weeks ago


    Age: 22

    -8 Pacific/America

    I am decent a pvping and I build really well. I can do major Redstone contraptions and I know how to make lots of farms. Im pretty friendly and just want to start with some great people. I am also really good at being me.

    I suck at crystal pvp and I often forget to use my pots when fighting. I also like to blow stuff up so sometimes that's bad for others.

    Shout out Scootle for being 100%

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    IGN: Percotech

    Age: 16

    Timezone/country: Mountain time, US. I live in Nebraska

    Skills/Strengths: Crop farming, bowing, lookout, chest organization, building (somewhat), banner making, skin making, towering (?) and resource gathering (except for the end as I don't have an elytra), and idk if it'll be useful but art/graphics.

    Weaknesses: Sword/active pvp, skeletons, block hopping (when you jump and sprint while placing blocks)

    Extra info: I've been playing on here for a very long time (around 2015 or so), I use he/him pronouns, I'm on for about 3-5 hours most days, and I have a fairly good computer.

  4. this is blowing up isnt it?

  5. IGN: LouisVuitton8

    Age: 33

    Timezone/Country: Pacific Standard Time (Southern California)

    Skills/Strengths: Hello You all know me, some of my strengths are building, I'm excellent at Redstone addition to that I'm also pretty good at farming and villager breeding.I'm also decent at PVP. This is a serious application and I truly hope you give it serious thought and consideration. I would love to actually play Minecraft with other people instead of playing by myself.

    Weaknesses: Telling Off People

    Extra info: This is a REAL Application, I hope you accept me.

  6. Aren’t you old enough to join the normal boonk gang...?

  7. @boygenius149 Aren’t you old enough to join the normal boonk gang...?

    I wasn’t aware this was for little kids my bad. Still I’ll join anyways I’ll be a boonk jr adult

  8. a SUPERVISOR ;)

  9. @boygenius149 a SUPERVISOR ;)

    Indeed I’m your overlord kiddies

  10. Knafeh

    May 27 Suspended

    Boonk is famous, damn.

  11. yeah its really blowing up

  12. 4 weeks ago


  13. I would Like to apply to Boonk Gang Jr.
    Age: 51

    Timezone/country: Arizona, half the year is pacific time the other is mountain time, USA
    I just started playing this game so I dont yet know what strengths or
    pros and cons i can say about myself. I'm awake when most people are asleep other then Europeans and Aussies.

  14. 51? that's old enough to apply for boonk gang. unless you're just faking your age

  15. But i'm super new to minecraft. so maybe physical age doesn't matter.

  16. Knafeh

    Jun 2 Suspended
    Edited 4 weeks ago by Knafeh

    IGN: Knafeh sometimes
    Age: 68 3 months 2 weeks 3 days 16 hours 3 minutes 21 miliseconds.
    Timezone: ABC+3
    Skills: I play football everyday in the school well not now but I used to before the pandemic. I am quite fast at running and I can skill any player. I have a lot of experience as a team member as I was once in a team and became the Owner because I was so good. I started playing Minecraft Launcher 3 months ago and I would say I am better then everyone on the server.

    Weakness: I'm not really good at basketball and I'm really short so I might not be able to help with stuff related to that. I usually hurt my leg somehow and it hurts. I don't also know how to brew a potion of invisibilty. I also don't talk a lot because when I was young like 11 or something my brother hit my mouth with a bat and I can bearly talk. Also my uncle stole my microphone because he said I was too old for one.
    I also don't like Mcdonalds and that could ruin the chemistery of the team. I also don't know how to cook anything the only thing I can make is cereal.

    Extra note: I might be younger but I am not really sure. Also does this mean I become staff on this server. If you accept me I will make your team better and I can build 15 dirthouses in like 1 month ONLY. OMG ikr.
    I luv u if u accept me if u don't then... I also have a YT channel and one of the vids has 1k views so I can really help your team.


  17. Deleted 4 days ago by GibsonAxe
  18. Age 68. Wow

  19. 3 weeks ago

    not as good as squidward squad...

  20. @Bambbin not as good as squidward squad...

    Application Denied

  21. 4 days ago

    IGN: Natzscho

    Reason of ban: Ping Spoofing

    Why should be unbanned: Like OMG all my friends have expensive ping spoofers and i have a cheep one so i was trying to get a cookie for my cat and my ping spoofer broke so i tried geting a new one but my mama said we are too poor to afford a ping spoofer so then i went to the ping spoofer store with a watergun and i threatend the guy on the caca to give me a ping spoofer. So that's why I think i should be unbanned. Also I would like to say that if anyone knows were o get good ping spoofers contact my cat Maria Antoniette but do it fast beacuse we are taking her to the guillotine in a week.

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