PvP Tournament!

  1. 3 weeks ago
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    LonelyFlame & I are hosting a PvP tournament this Friday (11-6-20) at 8:00 PM EST standard time USA. (The date & time can change of course depending on how many players want to participate.) It’s recommended you bring very good gear (OP netherite), a pvp kit, & whatever else you’d like to bring as far as winning (totems, golden apples, potions, pearls all recommended) this will be a 1v1 tournament, myself & flame are participating & providing very good rewards!! :) each player will earn a diamond block for each round they win, therefore advancing them onto the next round.. all rounds come to the final last 2 players who will battle it off & gain 1st place!


    • 1st place; 10 DB + Maxed OP Netherite Armor + Tool Of Choice
    • 2nd place; 5 DB + 10 GB
    • 3rd place; 3 DB

    The Tournament will be held in a Mushroom Biome, therefore giving good frame rates & a spacious battleground! When players die they do not lose their items, instead I strongly advise all participants leave their gear where it’s at. This way everyone can have fun & no arguments will happen. Lonely_Flame will be providing 32 Golden Apples to each individual participant. Myself and Lonely_Flame will teleport all participants to the battleground! It’s honestly going to be very very fun even for those who don’t pvp much! This is a great way to up your skill level! Please PM either me or flame on discord or comment any questions, comments, concerns down below! We will answer them, we look forward to seeing everyone play :)

  2. Im PUMPED this sounds so fun!!

  3. @EHowy Im PUMPED this sounds so fun!!

    Heck yeah! Are you joining?

  4. I'll join. Get ready to be fopooned!

  5. okay okay.... im in. but i dont pvp like ever so, be nice.

  6. @littleblueflame okay okay.... im in. but i dont pvp like ever so, be nice.

    Yes! That's what we wanted! We will be super nice. not aggressive, if you face me, hmmm who knows... maybe I'll let you beat me :P <3

  7. Nvm guys Tournament is still set for Friday 8:00 PM EST USA! <3

  8. crystal pvp on top

  9. last week

    @onionpaste crystal pvp on top

    anchor pvp on top fool

  10. @Sabades anchor pvp on top fool


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