Green's Wizardry and Smithy 4.0! - CLOSED

  1. 11 months ago
    Edited 7 months ago by Th3GreenGamer

    Hello again good citizens of Craftymynes!


    As some of you may know, I occasionally sell books and other items when I get asked in chat.
    I decided now that I'm more active to start my shop up once again!


    All prices 2 Diamonds Per Book.
    Feather Falling 4
    Efficiency 5
    Sharpness 5
    Unbreaking 3
    Lure 3
    Depth Strider 3
    Aqua Affinity
    Sweeping Edge 3
    Looting 3
    Protection 4
    Fortune 3
    Fire Aspect 2
    Respiration 3
    Power 5
    Silk Touch

    God Items:

    Will only sell these when I have them!
    Sword: 50 Diamonds
    Axe: 40 Diamonds
    Other Tool: 35 Diamonds
    Armour Piece: 35 Diamonds
    Full Set of Armour: 125 Diamonds

  2. I do have a full set of god armour available right now for anyone interested.

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