1. 2 years ago

    Sup so I got a few questions

    1. Is overworld gold farms allowed?
    2. Is the nether roof allowed?
    3. Will the low tps / lag be fixed once a proper paper / spigot comes out?


  2. Any farms with mobs going through portal is not allowed
    Nether roof might be allowed, since the nether roof has been used a lot in 1.17 CM

  3. Edited 2 years ago by Dennari43
    1. No they are not allowed.
    2. Yes, but you cannot break bedrock. For example the ladder and epearl trick is fine, or get a tp from someone willing to tp you up there. Beware, they might just be doing it to kill you tho.
    3. We have always been a pure vanilla server that hasn't used paper/spigot. Lag typically improves once people have settled more and aren't loading brand new chunks as frequently.

    You can check out our rules Here that answer some of these questions.

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