The most Powerful Faction

  1. 3 years ago

    Which are the most powerful factions?

    Say from 1 to 10

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  3. The Celestial Order is the most powerful faction period.

  4. I think nobody can tell which faction is the most powerfull, since there are no statistics or other public informations about factions, there isnt even a list of all factions. It also depends from what it needs to be "powerfull". Many members? wealth? The ammount bases or the ammount of raided bases?
    Almost every faction will claim that it is the most powerfull one, depending from their own definition of power.

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    We should start faction statistics for the server

    So we can compare factions

  6. tsu

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    What exactly some of celestial orders accomplishments that back up your theory? Lol team eye did raid you earlier in the map @_Haxington_

  7. Team Eye raided us...? Nope, I don't think so.

  8. We also do not measure our success on how many bases we have raided.

    We prefer to create bases rather than destroy them.

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    How about we tell Crafty to set up an official command block device with stats for each faction.

  11. There's no way to differentiate between factions; we don't have the necessary plugins

  12. Crafty would have to input each faction manually. Maybe we could have a faction request forum where we post our faction name and then Crafty or another Admin puts that into the system.

  13. It could be something like "serverplz my faction stats" or "serverplz faction list"

  14. And there could be a faction center or faction building where we go and invest money into our faction by placing emeralds or diamonds in hoppers. This would add wealth to the faction, which would then appear when you say the command.

  15. That would be adding factions though, Even with the command blocks wouldn't you think itd take away from the vanilla survival experience? We always say we have unofficial factions on the forums, so maybe set a faction statistics thread, but id feel like that would be making official factions, making us a vanilla faction server of sorts, if that is even possible

  16. Anyway, throughout the history of the server, Apathy was the most powerful faction around April - July 2015, after apathy died down people weren't really factions anymore just friends grouping together afaik, and I honestly can't remember any real factions from that point until December, when Red Army came about.
    The dissolution of that faction resulted in a trend of many newer factions. I wouldn't have called Team Eye a faction, not because they weren't powerful but because they just didn't have the typical stereotyped characteristics of a faction, they were more like a bunch of friends together fucking about.
    So right now Celestial is probably the most powerful faction, but that's not very difficult atm considering basically nobody has a real faction, and there's no proof even of Celestial having done anything yet, not even giant farms or anything of that sort (unless I've missed a post, in which case sorry)
    In this post I measure power by a combination of factors; wealth, acceleration of wealth (how fast you can/have become wealthy, and how fast it regrows), military & agricultural power, and overall psychological presence on the server

  17. I know this server is trying to stick with the vanilla theme, but what about tpa?, what about warps?, what about vip and vip+? Those are all non vanilla features which were added to make the experience more enjoyable, and since they were added, I have not seen anyone complaining that it is too "non-vanilla"

  18. The important thing is that the server stays vanilla at its core

  19. Its not that hax, its that as a category of servers, it may shift from vanilla survival to vanilla factions. Thats just my two cents anyways, i wouldn't agree with you here

  20. We have big farms btw ;)

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