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    5 Oct 2017 Suspended
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    hello this Is a project that a lot of people have been working on it is not finished. but we hope to make it a lot bigger but this is what we got so far:

  2. Why in the sky ?

  3. So its easier for people to see that they suck at building

  4. ^^

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    @minesy don't listen to them cinics, I like it :)

  6. Me too :)

  7. minesy

    6 Oct 2017 Suspended

    thanks <3

  8. <3

  9. It looks like a lot of thought went into that build, I think it looks good.

  10. minesy

    7 Oct 2017 Suspended

    thank you

  11. looks cool

  12. minesy

    7 Oct 2017 Suspended


  13. Wool looks bad

  14. said the masterbuilder

  15. I honestly don't get the hate of wool. I think this looks dope.

  16. minesy

    8 Oct 2017 Suspended

    thanks cody :)

  17. Btw I am the Mayor of the town so pm me if you are considering joining in the future... we are full atm.

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