America needs more soldiers!

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    Alright it is a super boring "two click" simulation "game". The first week they have a tutorial that is really terrible to get through like horrid. most players do not make it through the tutorial before being liek this game sucks!

    but anyways. some how I got elected president of the united social states of america :( which got taken over by Japan last year some time. I am not too good on the details.

    and so i am hoping there are some people who have some time to play

    It is kinda cool the reason why i originally liked it was because It was more of an economic game. you can have small factories. and hire workers and produce goods, and try to sell those goods on a market. you have to worry about taxes, wages, foreign policy, currency, and wars.

    The reason why i do not really like the game anymore is because the creators of the game last year went through the game and gave(edit: typo) all the business owners huge fines for trying to earn profits from the employees. Which i still cannot wrap my head around. i cannot figure it out why create an economic simulation, then punish players for trying to profit.

    Anyways. I know some players on crafty mynes are Canadian. I am not sure how nationalistic Canadians are, but in the game Canada Is currently being attacked by France :( and looks like they could use well several boat loads of help!

    Australia seems to be trucking along just fine they have taken over parts of Vanuatu and East Timor.

    This game is very particular about having multiple accounts so if you have many people in your house hold be careful.

    And We get very nasty to each other in e-sim It is cut throat robber baron type game. Lots of accusations of Political take overs, spy infiltrations and economic subversions!

    Also it is me, and I take things very personally when I play games, one day I will learn not to! I hope you guys can help me free The United Socialist States of america from the Japanese High Taxes!

  2. Well i got as far as upload an avatar! But im not sure i will stay with it. Already playing Torn which is a similar type of game

  3. @Tez1010 Well i got as far as upload an avatar! But im not sure i will stay with it. Already playing Torn which is a similar type of game

    I'm level 5, haven't played since last year though.

  4. Torn looks really scary on the main page it just said someone got mugged!

  5. Torn is a bit scary! But it is interesting as it is so very different from anything else I've played. You spend a lot of time 'in jail' or 'in hospital'. You can take courses but they take a real week.

  6. Wait so is this like a real life simulator or something?

  7. Torn or secura - torn is role play game in slow time with no graphics

  8. Is it fun

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