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  2. Not a fan of the diorite/andesite, but I like the terracotta squares and the chest arrangement (:

  3. i like the andesite :)

  4. Idk if you're trying to be mysterious or welcoming

  5. the patterns look really nice. andesite works well. only thing i might change is the diorite, cause of the speckled look next to the terracotta, which doesn't look the best. overall, it looks good tho

  6. red netherbrick instead of diorite imo, looking decent though!

  7. I'd suggest acacia and purpur block instead

  8. @MisterChris717 Idk if you're trying to be mysterious or welcoming

    that made me laugh lol
    and thank you all, i will try your suggestions

  9. is this a chestroom? well bad design! i would find nothing autosort systems are much beter

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    ^ Or use trapped chests and normal chests to make it more effective

  11. While I love the andesite and diorite combo (it's what I use in all my builds. I think you could add a slightly more textured block in there to spice it up. I use cobble (Everyone gives me crap, but it looks nice) but im sure other blocks would work too.

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