Castle Confusing

  1. last year

    Hey guys long time no see for those who know me ive been real busy recently.
    while building a new castle I ran into some problems because i decided to be ambitious and build it upside down.
    I decided i'd take advantage of these problems (differing room heights, mismatching shapes, etc.)

    So I'm going to give you guys screenshots of the castle as I add to it over time. each wing is going be in someway unsettling (upside down, sideways, mirrored, half and half styles, made from an entirely different building material). I have no real end game here and will be adding to it and altering it as per my whims and random ideas. the overall effect I'm hoping for is that it will be a building that will be so random and strange that the brain struggles to comprehend it all at once. The pictures ive posted here are my starting point and will eventually lead into the rest of a magnificently bizarre and confusing palace. hope you enjoy it and if you can come up with any unconventional ideas i might like (within the rules please) just post here and i'll give it a try or i'll mix ideas together and hope for the best.

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    ǝɔıu ʎɹǝʌ

  3. very nice

  4. Any ideas no matter how crazy or stupid seeming if i think i can make it and it can be put into a castle scheme just make a post and i'll try to give it a whirl

  5. It would look better if it had flags, upside down of course!

  6. I wonder if it's possible to make an impossible staircase/hallway in Minecraft without using command blocks...

  7. Welcome back ! and, um, i have no idea

  8. @MagicalMapmaker I wonder if it's possible to make an impossible staircase/hallway in Minecraft without using command blocks...

    i could build a room shaped like an infinity loop and have hidden exits and entrances in it

  9. Ok i promised id add to this so here we.
    I decided to grow a birdhouse for my parrot
    but the tree was on its last legs and only produces one small house
    the inside is simple but nice (it even includes an ground entrance so his chicken friends can visit)
    Overall he seems quite happy with it and settled down to sleep very quickly

  10. A birdhouse!? I love It!!

  11. again any Ideas you guys have for an addition just post it here and i may add it to the castle, I'm thinking about working on the castle kitchens next and would like a few off kilter design ideas.

  12. An upside down aquarium maybe?

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    Good idea any others? (they dont have to be upside down)

  14. Castle Confusing is still being added too I just haven't had as much time as i would like to do it and have only been coming up with ideas for small rooms and additions so I'm going to show the pics all as a group when I finish off a few more. as usual if you have any ideas for an unconventional room or feature just describe it to me below

  15. I Promised I'd add more and I have with some help from @Julipukki
    So whats been added
    A Horse farm.
    Run by Farmer Pete...
    .... and his family who live in the farmhouse.

    Then we have the cosy little Fire Frost Bistro where cake is the only thing on the menu.



    We have an other Opposites room with the Forge.

    And finally the big one which thanks to ALOT of help from @Julipukki is the Imported Swimming Pool.




    That's it for this time Thank you so much @Julipukki and Thank you readers I'm sorry this is such a long post.

  16. Not liking the magma cube - ice thingy, looking really bad imo

  17. @HaloNest Not liking the magma cube - ice thingy, looking really bad imo

    yeah i was struggling on how to make it and then i just gave up

  18. I enjoyed building with you, gold! :)

  19. @Julipukki I enjoyed building with you, gold! :)

    Thankyou if you have any ideas for new and strange room additions id be happy to add them :D

  20. Cake room!!! Walls, floor and ceiling of cake :D

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