Tour my barony

  1. 11 months ago

    Anyone make vids i would loke a video tour done of the barony of sknup before its lost to the reset

  2. I could make one for ya, shaders, 60fps, pro cinematics, le epic music, the whole 9 yards

  3. Edited 11 months ago by GrandpaCarl00

    @sknup You don't plan to have everything transferred over to the next map? / plan to entirely start the lands of sknup from scratch?

  4. As much as i'd like to its beyond crafties magic tk make it happen ill be building from scratch in 1.13

  5. Sounds good sharp when are you available

  6. tomorrow or tuesday are best

  7. well my connection has been total crap ill just pm you the cords

  8. 10 months ago

    I hope your not allowed to raid after thr reset. Or atleast make it fair and allow you to be raided aswell lol.

  9. Last day the cords are -75000 by -2000

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