Recruiting for Team Rybye!

  1. 11 months ago
    Deleted 10 months ago by Rybye
  2. hi my name is stone warrior and i want to join your team for peace and prosperity i hope you have prosperity there i dont have items beacuse i was sent to spawn can u tell me how to vote for the name and location im 7 btw im not sure how to vote but i wouldve voted for barney can we roleplay in the cities i want to roleplay as the llama because i really like lamas they are very cool and nice animals and i can only play on weekends after i yelled at my dad because i was so pissed because joe from my school killed me and left me at spawn so i would like if it wasnt too far because it would take for me a long time to come beacuse im at spawn im at spawn because joe sent me to spawn can you give me some items and gear joe from my school killed me and sent me to spawn and i thought he was my friend anyways i want to build a wooden house and farm and if you have an enderchest in your base i hope you have it beacuse i lost all my items because joe form my school killed me and sent me to spawn but if you have the echest i can take out my diamond gear its not enchanted because joe from school killed me

  3. yes

  4. haro I wud lik to joon becuz I pvp for seventy year now and wud lik to joon a new teem of grate peeple ty

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    can me me has some membership plzzz

  6. delete this

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  8. Deleted 11 months ago by Rybye
  9. -image-

  10. 10 months ago

    guys what the fuck

  11. Wat hes bak

  12. Time zone: 8 PM
    Age: bedsheet
    IGN: Ryebye
    Can I play?: potato
    How long I’ve played: -42

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