I am looking for a faction to join

  1. last year

    Hello I like this server and I need a faction to join the faction I am going join has to have a base has to have a farm has to be placed at a far from spawn cannot be any players who are rude selfish or trolls(sometimes as a joke its ok).

  2. I’m not part of a faction but I’m interested in playing with others.

    I can be rude but I’m not a dick
    I only raid what I find, that is I do not betray trust.

    Was part of nerdnation for a while but they had a lot of rules against profanity and raiding that I just don’t fit me well enough. Left on good terms.

    So anyway if you don’t find a faction but are interested instead in a smaller group dynamic look me up in game. Maybe we can build something together or raid someone stuff.

  3. Oh yeah and I like to build secretive bases with micro farms and grinders.

  4. On an unrelated note, you've always had my favorite minecraft name ever @Czechmate

  5. Yes i remember when if first saw the name thinking it was brilliant

  6. I wish I could take credit for its origin. Alas it’s from a T-shirt I picked up in Prague.

    My wife is Czech and I’m her mate so it really stuck with me.

  7. @Czechmate
    My wife is Czech and I’m her mate so it really stuck with me.


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