I wish I could afford to be Valgys

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    I So wanna be in game rich, lol. i even considered offering rank in trade for cash. which got me thinking maybe its time for Valgys to offer up trade for rank again. lol so i dug up his old post for reference in case anyone else wanted to try this idea.
    NOTE THIS IS NOT A SALE FOR RANK JUST A REPOST TO SHOW VALUES!!! so dont shoot the messenger just reminiscing and wishing for riches, lol

    QUOTE "
    Valgys 13 Apr 2017 Edited last year by Valgys
    Because there were so many interested last time, and my last trade event ended so soon, I'm opening this up once more (with adjusted prices) while I still have some free time. This one runs through until April 16. I'll make the effort to be on sometime from 3am-6am GMT (7pm - 10pm PDT), unless we can work out a time to trade through PM.

    Rules are similar to before: I'm willing to trade VIP/VIP+ status to players in exchange for items in game. You give me stuff (see list below), and I'll turn around and gift you a Crafty Mynes rank.

    1. Limit $50 per character - I want as many folks to benefit from this as possible with my budget.

    2. I'm still a simple man, and I will conduct trades one at a time. As such expect to wait for a few minutes before getting a trade with me if there's multiple folks on looking to trade.

    3. For those new to rank updates, it takes up to 5 minutes for the rank to push through (and you don't need to be online for this to happen). Expect me to stick around to verify for myself you got your requested rank either in game if you're still on, or through the CM website if you're not.

    4. If you're a white name and buy VIP upgrade, you become VIP. If you're VIP and get it, you become VIP+. If you're already VIP+, your rank lasts for an extra month.

    5. If I have the time to do it, I plan to add your name to a list to be added later on this post to document my trades.

    The trades:
    Based on the last event's trades, I have adjusted and simplified my list and prices.

    VIP/VIP+ upgrade - 45 diamond blocks
    VIP+ - 80 diamond blocks
    1/4 server bill - 150 diamond blocks

    And of course, the a la carte option: mix and match what's below to reach the desired price (rounded down to nearest cent dollar). Keep in mind VIP/VIP+ upgrade is $15, VIP+ is $25, and 1/4 server bill is $50. And of course piggy bank is an amount in dollar increments.

    Diamond block = $0.30
    Iron Block = $0.02
    Gold Block = $0.75 == No more gold! I've had my fill, thanks ==
    Obsidian = $0.05
    Beacon = $4.00
    Leather = $0.03
    Elytra (50%+ durability, enchants not needed) = $1.00
    Gunpowder = $0.08
    Slime Block = $0.40
    Shulker Shell = $0.50 (no more shulker boxes plz!)

    Please stick to list, no substitutions or alternatives.

    Same as last time, please PM me your offers and to coordinate a time. Otherwise I'll see you on CM!

    --- ===List of buyers === ---

    HustL: 192 Obsidian + 16 shulker shells, {VIP rank}
    Fluxated: 150 Diamond Blocks, {1/4 server bill}
    Shiba_Ina, 137 Diamond Blocks + 1 Beacon, { $50 donated to IRL charity}
    OPtimusjag, 22 shulker shells + beacon + 20 gold blocks, {2x VIP+ upgrade}
    r4iscool1, 150 Diamond Blocks, {1/4 server bill}
    Rybye, 67 gold blocks, {1/4 server bill}
    Zane_Truesdale, 150 Diamond Blocks, {1/4 server bill}
    just_a_penguin, 150 Diamond Blocks, { $50 donated to IRL charity}
    Agent on behalf of TopsNeverStops, 20 gold blocks, {VIP upgrade}
    Ponze, 67 gold blocks, {1/4 server bill}
    TimmyBoyT, 128 Slime Blocks, {1/4 server bill}
    Carl_Sagan1, 50 Iron Blocks, 20 Diamond Blocks, 20 Obsidian, 56 gold blocks, {1/4 server bill}
    Anon1, {1/4 server bill}
    FireBurst_101, 40 Diamond blocks, 37 gold blocks, 3 elytras, 10 slime blocks, 192 Iron Blocks, {VIP+}
    Anon2, {VIP+}
    sirchristopher10, 1000 obsidian, {1/4 server bill}
    _confederacy_, 576 obsidian, 448 leather, 128 gunpowder, {1/4 server bill}
    Agent of behalf of Julipukki, 1000 obsidian, {1/4 server bill}
    MasaruCyri, 45 Diamond Blocks, {VIP+ upgrade

  2. You know Valgys did a trade for rank like only a month ago or so?

  3. no i totally missed can i get a link?

  4. link text

  5. Sorry you missed it Humdiggity but I’ll shoot you a PM later.

  6. Dear @Valgys,

    How the fuck are you mate? :D

    Anyway, can I get you a stack of slime blocks instead of 5 beacons we talked about?

    I'm short on time now and I could get slime blocks faster than beacons.
    Or whichever I get quicker lol. Whatever I get that'll you get I guess. xD

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