Public Xp farms and grinders

  1. 6 months ago

    Hello fellow minecraft players. I decided to create something for the comunity that is usefull for more than one thing.
    In exchange id like you to use it and keep it from griefing.

    So here it goes

    At x=-9000, z=6765 u will find this majestic skeleton xp farm/grinder

    entrance is located on the side of the hill and goes underground

    follow the tunnel and ull get there...

    nice bright chamber full of comunity chests furnaces and one end chest

    NOTE: All chests are property of the comunity together with all of their content. Dont leave ur valuables there as they can and probably will be taken.

    All being said... ENJOY ^_^

  2. lol this will be greifed in less then a week

  3. hopefully not

  4. @GrandpaCarl00 lol this will be greifed in less then a week

    less then a day lol and no not by team eye we don't grief builds open to the public

  5. my current project is a little too big :P


  6. what is it galaxy?

  7. iron farm

  8. Edited 6 months ago by FieryPhoenix64

    So, no mention of me (not) helping with terraforming! Great!

    Ps I built a ribcage around the path (not on photo) and a custom tree (behind the camera on the first photo)

    Edit: But you did give me a shulker box, so that was nice. :)

  9. lol pics were taken b4 u made the cage and u werent actually building the farm.
    but yeah ty for the terraforming tho. and tree loks dope

  10. You forgot the first rule of CM. Assume everyone wants to grief and rob you. Or more simply; Assume everyone hates you. While it looks lovely (And it really does), I'm almost sure it will be griefed and robbed within days due to the nature of the server D: sorry to be a downer but it's a difficult truth.

  11. well i just hope they dont take the spawner out

  12. But why would anybody WANT to grief it? There is no benefit to it. I really hope people just appreciate it and arent jerks

  13. Don't grief shame people. There's actually nothing wrong with griefing.
    The reason for griefing don't have to be out of volition. It can simply be for the fun.

    As for myself, i don't find the enjoyment in griefing. Although it would be cool if this base could survive for at least a month. Like an achievement for the server.

  14. If anyone griefs it, Ill put a pufferfish in their base. And maybe a custom tree.

  15. lol dont taunt them

  16. Just wondering why the spawner has been blocked off and theres no hoppers atm? I wanted to use it but I couldn't... D:

  17. I went there and tried to fix it, but a creeper accidentally blew it up partially. But im fixing it right now. Its very very minimal damage and i should be able to fix it soon and have the thing up and running again. Thank you again very much for this, it is very generous of you.

  18. Geat, thanks AlexirYo!

  19. Just fixed it. I'll do anything to help encourage others to be as selfless as fenixgalax :)

  20. Some jerkwad took out the glowstone and built a large statue of male genitalia made of netherack right next to it

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