Hi lol I have a question

  1. 6 months ago

    Lmao I just thought of this server again, not planning on rejoining anytime soon just wondering why is this server 100% vanilla what’s wrong with semi vanilla?


  2. its so we can have the number one slot on the voting sites and instantly update right when the new update comes

  3. Vanilla has its own challenges that are interesting to me. Back in the day, redstone and command blocks were state of the art, but now I have turned to functions and my custom panel. While spigot is usually quick to update, the plugins; if not written by me, would take a long time or lots of work. I grew up with vanilla and like the idea of seeing how far you can push the jar right from mojang. Yes, spigot would be less laggy and a bungee network might actually be profitable but I have a job and this is just a hobby for me.

  4. Ohhh ok I get it

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