1. 3 years ago

    So um i was curious about stuff like this and i have nowhere else to post it so yeah here i am

    I'll start it i guess:
    So this was like when I was in 2nd grade or something. So I go into a restaurant and sit down, then everyone around me turns into dogs and starts to attack me. A while later this guy pops out of nowhere and starts to whack the dogs with a baseball bat. End of dream.

  2. I had a dream where I robbed a bank.

  3. i had a dream that one day team eye got raided but then i realized we're all-powerful and could never get raided. i then began to lucid dream and defeated thanos myself and made shaggy into my pet

  4. Are you sure that wasn't just a fanfic you made up to get off to?

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    1- dreams are supposed to be weird.
    2- weird is the norm.
    3- you need more of them.
    and hi @JuraraJupiter :)

  6. Sort of off topic but how is grant still admin

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