Slainte_Alainn Staff Application

  1. last year

    Everyone applying for staff:
    Please follow this format, or your application will be void.
    TITLE OF THE THREAD: (your in-game name here)'s Staff Application
    In Game Name: Slainte_Alainn
    Age: 33
    Time Zone: PST
    Strengths: Redstone, online a lot, knowledgeable on a lot of Minecraft mechanics.
    Weaknesses: I have poor decorating skills, and am not online at night very often
    Why you are Applying: I'm on the server a lot, and would like to start making a bigger difference on the server.
    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 18,680,182
    Custom Note (optional): I would like the opportunity to be as helpful to the people on this server as possible

  2. Thank you for you application

  3. 11 months ago

    Application Accepted.

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