1. 2 months ago
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    I got banned for "chatviolations" while I did what cyquest asked me to. I stopped talking about the ban in open chat so why did I get banned for "chatviolations"? Cyquest asked me to stop in open chat about the bann from my friend, so I stopped and started msging him. Now I am banned for open chat discussion from a bann. This is not fair and not the case. I hope you can see that I stopped when he asked I took a screenshot from that I said he can not bann me for open chat talking while i msged him. If you want the screen please reply.
    I hope I get unbanned because I worked very hard weeks and weeks of work with DeJean just thrown away.

  2. Hi Stokey,

    All ban appeals are dealt with on the forums, not on the server - you continuing to msg about a ban that he has nothing to do with counts towards not listening to staff rule, in addition to the lovw message you just send him calling him name and disrespecting our staff members.

    This is not acceptable behaviour, you will be pardoned in 3 days for disrespecting and not listening to staff.

    Please read the rules.

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