deyahruhd's Ban Appeal

  1. last week
    Edited last week by deyahruhd

    In Game Name: deyahruhd

    Reason for your ban: Referencing a South Park episode / racism

    Why should you be unbanned:
    Without any explicit warning I was banned for making light of a particularly hilarious situation at spawn where dolphins and fish were spawning out of control, by referencing a certain episode of South Park.

    Here's the logs directly before the ban, since I have nothing to hide:

    [CHAT] <deyahruhd> get the JAPANESE here to get rid of the dolphins
    [CHAT] <[Mod] otakuinalaska> dehah, that's not cool
    [CHAT] <deyahruhd> south park had it RIGHT
    [CHAT] <deyahruhd> the japanese can solve this problem INSTANTLY
    [CHAT] <deyahruhd> fucka you dorphin and a fucka you fish !

    "dehah, that's not cool" isn't an explicit warning; it's just otaku expressing his disapproval of my joke. It doesn't explicitly tell me to stop or warn me about it infracting any rule as is the case of 100% of staff warnings I've received before.

    So with that established, I firmly believe this ban was over the top. I should have received a clear warning to stop before an outright ban, but apparently that's not how things work.

  2. Deyahruhd,
    You are not new to this server, and know the rules. Your proof is accurate and you are receiving an immediate pardon. That however, does not excuse your remarks. I am not Japanese but I was not only highly offended and surprised at your racist comments, regardless of original source you refer to. Racism is no joke, and will not be tolerated. You may log in and join us at your convenience.

  3. First- you walk the fine line between our rules as often as you can.

    Second- maybe you deserved a better warning.
    But would you have actually listened? probably not. More likely you would have started an argument about it not explicitly being against the rules.

    Third- youre lucky he decided to pardon you upon appeal. I would of left you banned for at least 3 days if id caught you doing something so stupid after being here so long.

    "it's just otaku expressing his disapproval of my joke"- its not "just" anybody: its a staff member telling you that your joke isnt approved. understand it next time.

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