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  1. last year
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    Greetings, everyone! Don's Disco Store proudly announces its opening! We sell music discs to those music lovers out there that either like to create smooth ambience to their houses or just add to their collection of vanity items!
    -image- -image--image--image--image--image--image--image--image--image--image--image--image--image-

    Here's our pricing list:
    -image- - Any disc : 7 diamonds
    -image- - 5 Discs : 30 diamonds
    -image- - Full collection! : 70 diamonds

    Also we have -image- Sea Lanterns -image- at your disposal to light up your dance floor for 8 diamonds per stack!

    A massive thanks to bgmg for helping out with the fancy music disc gifs!
    Welcome to my shop! <3

  2. I'll purchase the entire collection please :D

  3. do you have prices in anything other than diamonds? i am unable to mine due to lag so i am diamond poor.

  4. Hmmm.. I'd like to resort to diamonds whenever possible, but we can make a deal :) /msg me in-game!

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