1. 4 months ago

    So all question related commands ends with a ?, examples:
    the list goes on

    and all do stuff, even informational commands starts with a dot!
    the list goes on

    and then there's credits?
    i think for maximum confusing we should make it: .credits? that way its in both camps! (this would kill me)

    or we could make it .credits, and make a credits? that explains that voting gives credits that's used for the last home...

    ps. sorry minor details like this just grinds at me slowly

  2. hey don't for the trigger commands!

    /trigger warps

    /trigger sethome set 2

    /trigger home set 1

    /trigger spawn

    /trigger tplist

    /trigger wild

    however I do love that there are many different ways to do something! it allows each player to choose which way they find easiest.

  3. Edited 4 months ago by CraftyMyner

    Over the last 5 years, the CraftyMynes command system has changed a lot. We started out with nothing, then went to triggers that stored the cords in the scoreboard then we added the AI system that allowed simple questions to be answered. We then moved to a panel-based system and omitted all trigger commands. This upset all the players that didn't want to write their commands publicly in chat. As we don't have spigot (Yet) and we are not using a proxy based wrapper, we are unable to directly interface with commands via "/command". Each command internally was using different "extensions" in my panel for modularity, this made it difficult for a question to run a tp command and for a dot command to run code from another extension. I have just finished my big re-write of the command system to allow for expansion and use of other commands. The first big feature is homes are now stored by UUID rather than names.

    It has already been planned that we will have a new ".stats" command to access stats.

    .stats parkour (List top parkour scores)
    .stats parkour me (list your parkour scores)
    .stats kd/kills/deaths (K/D, Kills or Deaths)
    .stats credits (See your credits)
    .stats votes (Who has the most votes)

    There is a lot more planned as well as most commands will have shortcuts like ".credits", ".kd" and ".votes". We will also then convert questions back into responses to questions like "credits?"

    I'm just one guy frantically typing at my keyboard in my spare time, expect to see a lot of these changes soon.


  4. You're awesome <3

  5. 3 months ago


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